Top mutual funds for 2011 in India
Top mutual funds for financial year 2011 in India are listed here from no1 to no5 and we used performance as criteria for selecting these funds
Top mutual funds India 2011
1> HDFC Childrens Gift
1 year Returns (%) – 21.90%

2> HDFC MidCap Opportunities (Growth)
1 year Returns (%) – 16.50%

3> Birla SL India Gen-next (Growth))
1 year Returns (%) – 16.2%

4> Axis Tax Saver Fund (Growth))
1 year Returns (%) – 14.35%

5> Reliance Equity Opportunity – RP (Growth))
1 year Returns (%) – 12.8%
These are 1 year return in percentage term for top Indian mutual funds we suggest Indian mutual fund buyers to first study these fund investments before investing in these funds. Also invest for 2-3 years in mutual funds for maximum gain and less cost.
Tip – Growth mutual funds means you will not get dividend every year but any dividend get automatically invested in mutual fund by increase in Net asset value.