Tax Saving Bonds India | 2011 Bonds
Tax Saving Bonds in India for year 2011 list compiled by smart money bulls team as follows where you can choose from finance companies to infrastructure companies.
India tax saving bond list 2011
1> Power Finance corporation
2> L & T Limited
4> State Bank of India
5> HDFC Ltd
6. Rural electrification corporation
Reserve bank of India gives permissions to these institutions to issue tax saving or infrastructure bonds. under clause 80CCF you can invest maximum any amount in these bonds but will get Rs20000 max tax saving. so above first Rs20000 other amount invested will not get tax benefit.
Interest rate – Nearly all companies offer interest rate in range of 8% -9%. minimum investment amount is Rs5000 and maturity period of 10 years or 15 year, but you can redeem bond after minimum 5 years under bond issue clause. Bond purchased last year are not eligible for this year so every year you need to buy new tax saving bonds.